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Alex Kotmel

Assistant Coach

Alex has lived in Leesburg since he was 6 years old.  Despite the area not having many opportunities for boys to play, he always found a way to play the sport he loves.  Alex has played year-round for 6 years.  He played LYV in the fall where he has placed first or second in his last 4 seasons.  He made the all-star team his last 3 seasons of LYV and served as the all star team captain last season, leading them winning the all star game.  Alex’s leadership skills have been built over these years of volleyball as he has been team captain for 7 seasons collectively of club and LYV volleyball.  This leadership experience has helped him become a better leader and coach.  He played club volleyball in the spring for Western Loudoun, and most recently Areyto Volleyball Club.  He has also won multiple medals over his club career at tournaments all over the East Coast.  During the summer, Alex plays beach volleyball, his favorite version of volleyball.  In previous years, he has won several medals competing in grass and sand tournaments in the area.  Alex has also been certified for scoring and reffing multiple years.  He assistant coached high school boys last fall and led them as a player and coach to winning the LYV championship.

Currently, Alex is taking 6 classes during the fall semester at North Virginia Community College.  He will be coaching the Power Volleyball League and a club volleyball team at AVA.  His extensive playing experience has taught him a lot about the game, and he is excited to pass that knowledge the next generation of players.

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