Club Team Program

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Our Club Team Program

Areyto Volleyball Academy (AVA) is committed to offer opportunities to compete at the highest level. Our training plans prepare athletes to play at a higher level at the end of every season.  We strive to finish every season stronger than we started.  It's not how you start, but how you finish.  Therefore, we are looking for athletes willing to commit to a demanding program that will turn good athletes into competitive athletes.  This objective is reached following proven training techniques in well structure training plans.  Our coaches are asked to strictly follow our plans and athletes are instructed to execute skills the same way across the board in all age groups.

All our head coaches are former professional, semi-professional and/or college players. We train them to become accomplished coaches.

How do we train?

We train in cycles designed to maximize individual development and ensure a full understanding of the the way we play. The cycles allow us to cover all skill areas and keep track of the work done. The feedback and counseling we receive from our outside consultants, Athlete Assessments and our Sports Psychologist, Dr. Fernando Aybar, is priceless. We also mirror the training methods and techniques used by some of the most successful clubs in the United States, Puerto Rico and Argentina.

Training schedules can be found at the the team pages.

Role of Performance Edge, our training partner

Other clubs hire outside training consultants to give athletes a good sweat, running a lot, jumping a lot. Following the advise of Junior National Championship coaches from MVP, and studying how many national championship clubs train, we have partnered with Performance Edge so that our athletes become strong, healthy, competitive athletes. Athletes need to be strong and able to maintain balance to properly and safely execute volleyball skills. That is achieved through weight lifting following an individualized training regime. 

College Recruiting Support

In the Fall 2015, we partnered with NCSA, the premier college athlete recruiting firm. As part of their participation with AVA all high school age athletes will receive personalized assistance for the pursuit of their goals as a college volleyball student-athlete. For more information click here.

Practice Players

Every season we select up to 2 practice players per age group. These athletes participate of all training sessions with the teams but do not compete. These athletes must participate of our tryouts so that we can determine if the participant is capable of performing the work we do during training.

Financial Assistance

We do all we can to maintain the cost of participating in our programs as low as possible. However, we know that many families have special needs as well as other financial needs. Therefore, we are committed to work with our families to  For information regarding the financial assistance opportunities available to families interested in our program, contact us via

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