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College Recruiting Resources

Navigating through the recruiting process is very difficult. It is virtually impossible to know what is expected of you and what your step-by-step action plan should be.  But, with good guidance and willingness to learn everything that you can about recruiting, you will succeed at earning a scholarship.

The college recruiting process already started.  If you are in high school and you have not started to educate yourself about the process, you have some catching up to do.

To assist our athletes interested in playing volleyball in college, we have joined the NCSA Club Coach Recruiting Management System, which provides a wealth of recruiting education/information. 

As a member of one of our high school age club teams, we will support those athletes who are interested in playing in college. As team members, we will provide:

  • Video footage

  • Guidance to navigate the recruiting process

  • NCSA Profile and Recruiting Management System

For more information, contact us at

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