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Scholastic Prep

Skill Development Program

Program Description:

  • No tryout required. Register here.

  • Practice 2 times per week December – April

  • Program includes training & competition.

  • All skills development program with focus on individual development through games and repetition. A lot of repetitions. 

  • Players develop solid foundation skills for volleyball including underhand passing, overhand passing, attacking and serving in a fun and safe environment.

  • Small sided drills and games are used to maximize high quality repetition.

  • Competition is introduced under special rules, including a smaller court with 3-4 players for younger players (10 and under) to ensure that all players develop proper fundamentals and movement skills while learning to play all positions. Players 11 and older are introduced to the 6v6 game. In-house league and/or maximum of 8 competition dates depending on the number of participants.

  • Participants will incur in little or no travel.

  • Uniform package (1ea jersey, 1ea hoodie, 2ea practice t-shirt, 1ea bag)

  • We want each player to learn each skill equally well and avoid any and all specialization at this age.




$1100.00 (5 installments of $220 per month)




Jose Gonzalez-Rodriguez, Program Director

​Andy Chen, Head Coach

Madison Daniels, Assistant Coach

Practice schedule:

Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-7:00PM

Location: PAC, 44600 Guilford Drive, Ashburn, VA

​​​Max. number of participants per court: 27

Family Discount

If you are registering more than one player in your family, you will receive a $20 discount on the 2nd child's registration fee and a $25 discount on the 3rd + all additional children) registration fee. In order for the registration system to recognize that you are registering multiple players, please register all of your players at this time.  On the Review Page, there is a link near the bottom to "Register Another Player" - please click on this link to ensure that all of your players are registered within the same order.



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