Power Volleyball Fall

Sunday Skill Development



Program Description:

  • All skills development program with focus on individual development through games and repetition. A lot of repetitions. 

  • Participants will be divided by skill level. 

  • This program will accelerate learning and prepare the athletes to play at a higher level.

  • Passing will focus on proper technique and efficient, controlled movements.

  • Serving will focus on proper technique for underhand, overhand float and jump float (2 and 1 leg takeoff) depending on the skill level of each athlete.

  • Attacking will focus on proper technique for arm swing, arm acceleration, 2-3-4 step approach and backrow attacking option depending on the skill level of each athlete.

  • Defense will focus on movement, all defensive positions on the court, base to defense, digging outside the mid-line and much more...


Sundays, 13 September to 25 October 2020

ES/MS (Beginners): 4:30-5:30PM

MS/HS (Intermediate): 5:30-7:00pm

HS (Advanced): 5:30-7:00pm





(Beginners: no or little experience; Intermediate: Some experience, some ball control; Advanced: experienced to elite level athletes, good to solid ball control skills. Level of skill will ultimately determined by AVA staff)



ES/MS Beginners: $200.00

MS & HS Ages: $240.00

Max. number of participants per court: 12 (6 per side of the court)

Location: Potomac Athletic Center, 44600 Guilford Drive, Ashburn, VA 20147

Family Discount

If you are registering more than one player in your family, you will receive a $20 discount on the 2nd child's registration fee and a $25 discount on the 3rd + all additional children) registration fee. In order for the registration system to recognize that you are registering multiple players, please register all of your players at this time.  On the Review Page, there is a link near the bottom to "Register Another Player" - please click on this link to ensure that all of your players are registered within the same order.