Power Volleyball Fall Training & Competition

  • All around volleyball athlete development. All participants will set, pass & attack.

  • All skills development program with focus on individual development through games and repetition. A lot of repetitions. 

  • Participants will be divided by skill level. 

  • This program will accelerate learning and prepare the athletes to play at a higher level.

  • Passing will focus on proper technique and efficient, controlled movements.

  • Serving will focus on proper technique for underhand, overhand float and jump float (2 and 1 leg takeoff) depending on the skill level of each athlete.

  • Attacking will focus on proper technique for arm swing, arm acceleration, 2-3-4 step approach and backrow attacking option depending on the skill level of each athlete.

  • Defense will focus on movement, all defensive positions on the court, base to defense, digging outside the mid-line and much more...

Mondays and Wednesdays

MS Ages 5-6:30pm

5 September to 29 October 2018


Max. number of participants per court: 16
Location: Potomac Athletic Center, 44600 Guilford Drive, Ashburn, VA 20147


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